LAGESII – Industrial Plant Management, Economics and Safety

Lab aims to study all the problems related to the design, construction and management of industrial plants intended as a production system. Main activities are:

  • Use of advanced techniques for the design and management of production systems.
  • Optimization of the flow of materials and of the layout of the industrial plants.
  • Interconnection of machines / surrounding environment and influence with the work environment (eg noise, vibration, etc.).
  • Operator safety in the workplace.
  • Technical-economic analysis of industrial initiatives and Investments.
  • Quality of the production process and methods for quality improvement.
  • Maintenance of industrial plants.
  • Industrial Logistics.
  • Statistical analysis and production planning.
  • Analysis and improvement of productive, innovative and organizational processes.
  • Management control and evaluation of industrial costs.
  • Industrial Marketing.
  • Intellectual property management.