Author of over 150 publications on international journals and conference proceedings. Author of several books on optimization and innovation management:

La gestione strategica della sicurezza, 2019, Ed. Aracne.

Pensiero Creativo, Problem Solving e Decision Making, 2016. Ed. Aracne.

Applications and Theory of Analytic Hierarchy Process – Decision Making for Strategic Decisions, 2016. Ed. InTech.

Digital Transformation in Smart Manufacturing, 2017. Ed InTech.

Human Factors and Reliability Engineering for safety and security in industrial plant Decision making, Theory and Practice, 2017. Ed. Springer.

World class manufacturing: origine sviluppo e strumenti, 2014. Ed. The McGraw Hill Companies.

Il Decision Making ed i sistemi decisionali multicriterio. 2009. Ed. Hoepli.

Progettazione e Gestione degli impianti industriali, 2007. Ed. Hoepli.


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